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The ‘Kimura’ Mobilization: a very effective mobilization technique for the posterior GH capsule

February 10, 2010

Here is a Dr. Spina original….I utilize this mobilization in cases of posterior glenohumeral joint fibrosis.  I have also modified the technique to be used for anterior capsular restriction, as well as for mobilization of the hip capsule (I will eventually post these variations as well).  I actually thought of this technique while practicing jiu-jitsu, which as most of you know is a ground fighting technique that emphasizes joint locks….which, when looked at through a manual therapists eyes, is just an aggressive mob 🙂

I have also added the sleeper stretch video post from a few weeks ago as the two techniques go hand in hand….enjoy.

Figure 1 - step one: use the ipsilateral arm to grip the dorsum of the wrist

Figure 2: Step 2 - place the crux of your other elbow around the inferior tricep tendon area

Figure 3: Step 3 - thread your arm through the gap and grab the dorsum of your other wrist. Note that the elbow closest to the patient is placed on the anterior aspect of the patients shoulder exerting a downward pressure (to keep it stable)

Figure 4: Close up of the 'Kimura' position

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