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New F.A.P. LOWER LIMB seminar date in TORONTO now posted….register NOW !

March 4, 2010

Created by Dr. Andreo Spina, F.A.P. Systems© Seminars offer advanced instruction, by a team of qualified professionals, in soft-tissue palpation and assessment to manual therapy practitioners including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage and Athletic Therapists, Osteopaths and Medical Doctors. F.A.P. © was designed to teach practitioners to quickly and efficiently locate and assess specific anatomic structures in order to improve diagnostic and treatment specificity. By improving manual palpation skills, practitioners can immediately enhance soft tissue assessment skills and add specificity to any form of manual care including Active Release Techniques®, Graston Techniques®, trigger-point therapy, massage, acupuncture, joint manipulation and Kinesiotaping©.

The F.A.P.© Lower Limb Seminar includes training in palpation of specific anatomic structures of the pelvis, thigh, leg, and foot.  Structures covered range from the iliopsoas, to the sacrotuberous ligament, to the obturator externus, to the flexor hallucis longus.  In addition to soft tissue palpation training, functional assessment and treatment options are discussed for each and every structure covered.

REGISTER NOW and take part in learning the most advanced, and systematic method of soft tissue assessment available.  Spaces are limited and this seminar will sell out

Here is what some of your colleagues have said about F.A.P. Seminars:

“F.A.P.© exceeded my expectations as the best seminar I have ever attended for understanding and palpating soft tissue structures. ? The hands on instruction was well organized and clearly explained with relevant clinical information and examples. It added more specificity to diagnosis with immediate improvements to clinical outcomes. I would highly recommend this seminar to any manual therapist no matter what their experience”

Dr. Geoff Outerbridge M.Sc., DC

Chiropractor, Clinic Director – Holistic Clinic, Ottawa

“The F.A.P.© system opens your eyes to a whole new world of assessment and treatment possibilities. The specificity that the system allows you to achieve is nothing short of remarkable. I recommend that all manual therapy students take these seminars for not only the instruction on soft issue palpation, but also for the incredible anatomy review, case discussions, and functional assessment tools that are reviewed.”

Nik Komarov

Athletic Therapist & Physiotherapy Student

“The F.A.P.© course I took with Dr. Spina exceeded my expectations. The information was broken down with ‘on screen’ anatomy photos and verbal explanations. There was opportunity for plenty of hands on and a chance to palpate the instructors to make sure I was ‘spot on’. The clinical tidbits were invaluable. I like that I was able to take the information learned and use it in clinical application immediately.”

Cynthia Wood

Registered Massage Therapist

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