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Anatomy MC Quiz: The lateral cervical triangle….test yourself

April 13, 2010

Here is a little quiz for those preparing for this weekend’s FUNCTIONAL ANATOMIC PALPATION SYSTEMS ‘Spine’ Seminar in Manitoba, or the weekend after in Toronto…

Anatomy Quiz:  The Lateral Cervical Triangle

1.  Which of the following nerves pierces, and thus can be frictionally irritated by the middle scalene muscle:

a.  Spinal Accessory nerve (XI)

b.  Supraclavicular nerve

c.  Phrenic nerve

d.  Dorsal Scapular nerve

2.  Which of the following muscles would draw the greatest tension with contralateral flexion and ipsilateral rotation of the cervical spine?

a.  Anterior Scalene

b.  Middle Scalene

c.  Posterior Scalene

d.  All of the above

e.  a & b only

3.  The “strap” muscles located on the anterior aspect of the neck are innervated by which neural structure that originates in the lateral cervical triangle?

a.  Ansa cervicalis

b.  Supraclavicular nerves

c.  Transverse cervical nerves

d.  Hypoglossal cranial nerve

4.  How does the Subclavian artery course relative to other structures in the lateral cervical triangle?

a.  Anterior to the anterior scalene but posterior to the omohyoid

b.  Anterior to the anterior scalene and omohyoid

c.  Between the anterior and medial scalene

d.  Between the middle and posterior scalene

5.  The C2 and C3 spinal nerves emerge in the lateral cervical triangle…

a.  Between the omohyoid and anterior scalene

b.  Between the anterior and middle scalene

c.  Between the middle and posterior scalene

d.  Between the posterior scalene and levator scapulae.

The answer key can be found in the discussions section of our FACEBOOK page



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