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Sensitization of the 5th cranial nerve from the cervical spine & the development of cervicogenic headache

April 28, 2010

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Bilateral Mechanical-Pain Sensitivity over the Trigeminal Region in Patients with Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain by La Touche R et al. — The Journal of Pain 2010; 11(3): 256-263

For those who have attended the FUNCTIONAL ANATOMIC PALPATION SYSTEMS ‘Spine’ Seminar, you will recall that much of the conversation regarding headaches included discussion of the expansion of head pain symptoms from the neck area to the trigeminal region that may be related to the convergence of the nociceptive second-order neurons receiving both trigeminal and cervical inputs into the trigemino-cervical nucleus caudalis in the spinal gray matter of the spinal cord.  Also discussed was the further sensitization of CN VII, the Facial Nerve, which can occur as a result of the emerging branches of Trigeminal nerve.

I highly recommend everyone to give this review a read



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