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Common power lifting technique faults causing low back injury

July 12, 2010

For those who have experience treating power lifters….or if you lift yourself, you will be aware of these two scenario’s and how they should be avoided at all costs in order to prevent a low back ‘blow-out.’  For all of you new lifters, or doc’s who find themselves with a lifter on their table, these tips will be of great value to you and your patient.

The video reviews two concepts – 1st is the use ‘pre-loading’ or ‘feed forward tension’ which prepares the body for the lift (which will make you stronger) while simultaneously stiffening the spine to prevent spinal segmental buckling (“blowing out” your back); the 2nd the the idea of catching the weight to prevent the bounce when the weight is dropped.

Figure 1 - Increased moment arm during 'catch' leads to an increase in tissue stress and a greater spinal penalty

For more info on ‘pre-loading’ or ‘feed forward tension’, here is a good article to read.  By lifting in this manner (coupled with holding your breath and bracing), not only will you be able to lift more weight, you will be more safe doing so.


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