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The ‘Kimura’ mobilization for the Hip capsule

August 5, 2010

A while back I posted the ‘Kimura’ mobilization for treatment of internal rotation blocks in the shoulder (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT).  I later posted another of my ‘Joint Lock mobs’….the ‘Heel hook mobilization’ (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT).  Here I demonstrate my ‘Kimura’ mobilization for the hip joint.  This is a very effective way to increase motion into internal rotation when blocked by capsular restriction.  The addition of P.A.I.L’s (Progressive Angular Isometric Loading) exercises with this technique is especially effective in regaining a functional range of motion.  Enjoy!

Step 1 - hip and knee bent to 90 degrees

Step 2 - arm closest to the patient 'headlocks' around the leg. The other hand is placed on the outside of the knee to block abduction

Step 3 - the arms are interlaced as shown

Step 4 - the mobilization occurs by rotating the practitioners body such to internally rotate the hip


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