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Effective manipulation for the cervical-thoracic junction

August 26, 2010

During our seminars I often hear that people have difficulty with manipulation/mobilization of the CT junction.  Here is a manipulation that I will use inthe area when a manipulation is indicated.  It is very comfortable for both the patient and practitioner.

As you will note in the video, the technique involves a thrust with one contact….but perhaps more important is that the other contact is causing a brief and quick rotation of the head around the thrust hand or ‘pivot point.’  I think that a lot of people have trouble with some manipulations because they over rely on the thrust contact to move the joint…when in reality, the support hand is often the most important contact as it always provides a counter thrust.

For those who are referring to me as the “Non-adjusting Chiropractor” 🙂 …. I will state again that I believe that every ‘tool’ in the manual therapists ‘tool belt’ needs to be taken out and utilized only when the case calls for it!   When all you have is a hammer…..



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