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Limited space still available for F.A.P.™ ‘Lower Limb’ in Ottawa (Nov 6-7) & F.A.P.™ ‘Upper Limb’ in Toronto (Nov 27-28)

October 15, 2010


FUNCTIONAL ANATOMIC PALPATION SYSTEMS (F.A.P.) seminars offer advanced instruction in soft-tissue palpation and assessment to manual-therapy practitioners including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage and Athletic Therapists, Osteopaths and Medical Doctors. F.A.P.™ Seminars are designed to teach practitioners to quickly and efficiently locate and assess specific anatomic structures in order to improve diagnostic and treatment specificity. Improved manual-palpation skills enhance soft-tissue assessment skills and add specificity to any form of manual care.

Here is an example of some of the clinical discussions that take place at F.A.P.™ seminars in addition to the advanced instruction in soft tissue palpation and assessment.  In this clip, F.A.P.™ creator Dr. Andreo Spina discusses the concept of neural irritation/entrapment including some common misconceptions regarding the topic.


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