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FROM THE VAULT – ‘Hamstring stretching…correcting common faults’ (08/14/10)

March 24, 2011

In this video I discuss some of the common faults in conventional self, and assisted hamstring stretching techniques which, as the video discusses, often

leads to sciatic nerve irritation which in turn precipitates further hamstring tightening.  This positioning is important especially for the application of P.A.I.L’s (Progressive Angular Isometric Loading) of the hamstrings group.

Note that with all stretching techniques, in addition to the effect on the muscular tissue and nervous system, the fascia is of utmost importance when attempting to create permanent changes in functional range of motion.  Thus, as has been discussed in previous blog posts, consider the time necessary in order to make use thixotrophy and piezoelectricity.  Also remember the importance of strengthening any newly aquired range in order to add it to the ‘spectrum’ of functional movement for that patient (for further explanation regarding these topics view the 4 part interview on Functional Range Release™ technique – click here)


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