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Functional Anatomy Seminars: Day 3 in Rome….

September 16, 2011

Finally some time to relax….

This morning we had the morning to enjoy some of the 31 degree weather in Rome by relaxing pool side.  I also took the time to review the new book by the President of the Italian & European Weightlifting Federation, Antonio Urso entitled “Weightlifting:  Sport for all Sport.”  In the book is a complete chapter outlining injury prevention for weight lifters as well as the preferred method of manual therapy for injuries….FUNCTIONAL RANGE RELEASE 🙂

Following a great morning, we took a trip to central Rome to make arrangements for the transportation of the treatment tables, as well as to pick up the completed manuals.

Arriving back at the hotel in the early evening, the we met with the president of the A.I.M.S. organization (Associazione Italiana Massaggiatori Sportivi) who arrived from Perugia, Italy, to discuss the future expansion of the Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems & Functional Range Release system across Italy, and the rest of Europe.

We decided on dinner in central Rome in the background of various historical Roman sights.

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