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Functional Anatomy Seminars – Day 6-8 in Rome: Functional Range Release training, great friends, a sad farewell ….fino alla prossima volta

September 20, 2011

The last two days of the seminar including training and certification in the FUNCTIONAL RANGE RELEASE soft tissue management system for the Lower Limb.  I was very happy to realize that the participants were picking up the concepts of the system just as well as the did F.A.P.  Many clinical discussions were occuring between the instructors and participants….and as always, I learned as much from teaching as the participants did from attending.

On Saturday night, may of the participants and instructors enjoyed a great dinner and wine in central Rome in front of the Pyramid of Cestius.

Ai partecipanti a Roma lo scorso fine settimana …. grazie mille per tutto. E ‘stata una grande esperienza, e sono felice di aver incontrato così buoni amici. Sono anche felice di averetanti grandi professionisti che rappresentano Functional Range Release.

Below, I have also included a short video made by instructor Stefano Spaccapanico showing some clips from the seminar.

arrivederci Roma …. ci vedremo presto


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