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Discussing barefoot running, training, and the development of intrinsic foot strength

September 27, 2011

In this video we discuss the popular topic of barefoot running and training.  More specifically, we cover some preparatory exercises that can be suggested for those interested in said form of training.  As is noted, a literature review demonstrates mixed results regarding injury rates, prevention, and biomechanics.  I was originally going to review this literature for you, however I found that my friend and colleague Dr. Greg Lehman did a wonderful job covering this topic on his blog – please check out his post for a good literature discussion.

I think it most important to emphysize that although there are many in the conditioning world strongly advocating this method of running and training, the literature to date is not strong enough in either direction (positive vs. negative) to make any sort of ‘strong stance.’  However, as I discuss in the video, I find it important to at least attempt to prepare the body by strengthening structures that we have historically left to become de-conditioned (ie. intrinsic foot muscles) PRIOR to attempting bare foot conditioning.

In addition to the exercises outlined in the video, I also suggest perscribing other exercises for general lower kinetic chain strength as well.  This would include ankle stabilizing exercises (Fibularis raise, Tibialis posterior raise), squats (done PROPERLY), and pelvic stability exercises.


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  1. November 10, 2012 11:11 pm

    Could these exercises be useful for someone who has chronic forefoot/ball of foot pain?

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