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F.A.P. Lower Limb Toronto seminar is SOLD OUT

October 20, 2011
The upcoming F.A.P. ‘Lower Limb’ seminar in Toronto is now SOLD OUT.  A waiting list has begun….
As we always say, register NOW for our upcoming seminars to ensure your spot:
– F.R. Spine Toronto – Nov 12-13, 2011
– F.A.P. Lower Limb Calgary – Dec 3-4, 2011
– F.R. Lower Limb Toronto – Feb 4-5, 2012
– F.A.P. Upper Limb Toronto – Mar31-Apr1, 2012
– F.A.P. Upper Limb Winnipeg – May 5-6, 2012
– FAP/FR Upper Limb Rome, Italy – end of May (tentatively)
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