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3 top posts of the half year…

June 21, 2012

3.  Why mini squats are BAD for your knees

Coming in at number 3 we discuss why the often prescribed ‘Mini’ squats may be doing more harm for a patients knees than good.  In light of this post we remind you that squatting in general is not bad for your knees….bad technique is bad for your knees.  “There are no ‘bad’ exercises…only bad technique and improper preparation” @DrAndreoSpina

2.   Neurological tightness vs mechanical tension:  An important distinction for soft tissue management

In this post Dr. Spina uses the case of a post surgical GH capsule revision to demonstrate the differential diagnosis between neurologically induced ‘tightness’ and mechanically derived ‘tension.’  This distinction is of utmost importance for the development of an efficient treatment plan as the two call for completely different approaches.

1.   Why neither foam rolling nor instrument assisted soft tissue techniques should be considered myofascial release

People love controversy!  Coming in as the number one blog of the half year is the argument posed by Dr. Spina that two of the currently most utilized treatment modalities are NOT achieving the intended goals!  In this small video demonstration we see why neither foam rolling, nor instrument based techniques can create relative tissue motion and hence cannot be assumed to effectively break down adhesion or scar tissue.


Honorable Mentions:

“Stability”…a misunderstood concept:  Why stability does NOT mean rigidity — discussing the misconception that to be ‘stable’ means you must restrict motion

3 advanced saggital lumbopelvic control exercises — Dr. Spina personally demonstrates 3 advanced exercises to build control in the lumbosacral junction



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