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A couple bodyweight exercises: The Adductor “Inchworm” and the “Windmill”

July 31, 2012

The Adductor Inchworm:

As has been discussed previously on this blog, the development of flexibility does NOT lead to improvements in movement nor athletic performance.  MOBILITY is key…which = flexibility + STRENGTH.  In this short video, Dr. Spina demonstrates the “Adductor Inchworm.”  An exercise which challenges the adductor group at the end ranges of motion.  Note that the movement is created not by utilizing the arms, but by activating the elongated adductor group as you progress laterally.

The Windmill:

The Windmill exercise is effective for building strength in the functional lines…those which connect the upper and lower quadrants of contralateral sides.  Thus the exercise will improve acts of twisting and creating torsion in the midsection.  Supine floor variations can provide a suitable progression towards this advanced exercise.


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