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Functional Anatomy Seminars – bringing the best in manual assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and conditioning

August 7, 2012

If you have frequented this blog site you will have realized that Functional Anatomy Seminars is dedicated to bringing you the latest, most cutting edge information regarding manual assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehab, & conditioning….we do provide more information that you may be missing out on!!  We would like to invite all of you to join our other social media outlets to maximize your experience with Functional Anatomy Seminars and benefit from more information.

Our facebook fan’s enjoy frequent posts about upcoming seminars, news, and events.  The form also provides a means to ask clinical questions, as well as follow the frequent discussions being had on topics ranging from manual care/therapy, to performance enhancement and conditioning.

For the most content Dr. Spina’s twitter account is the way to go.  Updates are being made on a daily basis with short video clips of clinical cases, exercises, etc….Anatomy reviews and quizzes, diagrams…article recommendations, clinical gems…you name it!

All of our video’s in one place….sorted by subject in several categories including assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and conditioning.  A real library of information for the manual and/or movement therapist.


Functional Anatomy Seminars are dedicated to not only bringing you the very best in manual medical seminars…but also the best information as well.  Join all of our social media outlets and see how it can help your practice and knowledge base.





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