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Vision precedes Research…

August 23, 2012

“Although of utmost importance, research never precedes ideas…keep thinking”

I tweeted this not long ago after a discussion that I had yesterday.  For those of you who know me or have attended one of my seminars, you know that I am adamant about keeping up with the latest research regarding manual care (health in general really).  However, as I noted above, we must keep in mind the fact that research does not occur spontaneously…rather it is forged out of ideas.  From this one may then claim that every idea ‘deserves’ the attention of research.  I do not agree.  Similarly, one might take from the above statement that everything and anything can, and should be attempted on patients, or in the general pursuit of ‘health’ as “there ain’t no bad ideas….when you’re brainnnnnnstormin'” (Imagination Movers – Disney Channel, 2003-present).  To this sentiment I also disagree…not really to the ‘brainstorming’ part (who am I to challenge the Movers), but rather to former concept of ‘try everything.’

In the manual medical ‘collection’, there is no such thing as the absence of research on a topic.  Research abounds.  Perhaps not providing direct answers to your question, but enough is there to justify a particular approach or to support new concepts.  For example, we have research in the areas of cellular biology, histology, physics, etc., which, although never intending perhaps to be applied to manual care, can justify certain approaches, concepts, or ideas, whilst rendering others as ‘quackery’ to borrow from a term often directed at ‘us.’  This can thus be considered indirect evidence, which may be the gold standard in several situations.

Thus for those therapists who believe that we have no research on which to stand…for those who rely on a strict “medical” model of care…for those who believe that if special imaging doesn’t show us the problem, then a problem doesn’t exist….please keep your hands in your pocket and don’t touch patients because it is your very own outlook that has rendered you useless.

I leave this rant with another of my recent tweets @DrAndreoSpina:

“2 ways to get up a ladder, climb up…or pull everything/everyone down.  The latter is a path of cowardice taken by those who lack vision.”

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