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Only 4 spaces remain for next weekends F.A.P. Lower Limb seminar in Toronto – REGISTER NOW!

September 13, 2012

Here is a quote taken from a recent interview given by Dr. Spina for JITs Magazine (a well known Jiu Jitsu/MMA based online & print publication) on the Functional Anatomy Seminars systems:

“I have been studying the martial arts since I was 8 years old.  That is 26 years of dedication to always getting better, always improving, always looking to hone a skill set.  As many who train, I discovered early that the best ‘way’ or ‘system’ always comes out of an amalgamation of several ‘ways’ and ‘systems’ as opposed to sticking to one dogmatic approach.  In the world of manual therapy,  I wanted to create a system that would spark the sort of passion inherent to those who seriously train in the arts.  Although many therapists are indeed dedicated, the drive for improvement that I see in martial artists is unparalleled.  As such, I created systems that will constantly evolve as new knowledge surfaces, that allows for an ever increasing ability to hone skills and improve on specificity, that have combined new and fresh concepts with some influence from older approaches, and most importantly, that is inclusive of all aspects of patient management (assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, & conditioning).”

Join us next weekend in Toronto for F.A.P. Lower Limb, improve your palpatory specificity, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment results.

There are currently only 4 spaces remaining.  


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