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Discussing the importance of palpatory and treatment specificity in manual care

April 2, 2013

Video taken at a FUNCTIONAL RANGE RELEASE (F.R.)® certification seminar held in Scottsdale, Arizona for the MLB Medical Staff for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

In the video Dr. Spina discusses the extent of the specificity involved in F.R.® application as well as the importance of treating with such specificity.  There has been a current retreat from this topic in lieu of recent interest in “new” rehabilitative techniques.  Albeit important to pursue such knowledge and incorporate it into any manual practice, we should not replace the desire to improve our manual care techniques which have proved invaluable in management of musculoskeletal conditions.  Like with any sport, art, or other activity, purposeful training the skill leads to improvement.  There is no difference regarding the application of manual care…TRAINING makes you better.  Each time you place your hands on a patient it should be done with this in mind.  Ask yourself, what am I feeling?  How is it changing under my contact?  The simple act of being conscious during the treatment encounter will induce beneficial neural plasticity alterations in the treating practitioner…it is this way for all activities…



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