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New seminar date posted: FAP/FR® ‘LOWER LIMB’ 3-DAY CERTIFICATION seminar (with online component) in Toronto

April 29, 2013

Date:  September 20-22, 2013

Location: The Toronto Best Western Hotel & Conference centre

Functional Anatomy Seminars are committed to improvement. As such, we have decided to combine the F.A.P. and F.R.® seminars for this 3-DAY event, which will include a significant, and mandatory online lecture component. For those who have already completed the F.A.P. Lower Limb seminar, you are invited to attend and will only have to pay the difference.

Spaces will be LIMITED.


***Here is an overview of the two systems:

FUNCTIONAL ANATOMIC PALPATION SYSTEMS (F.A.P.)™ – an advanced system of soft tissue palpation and assessment. In F.A.P.™ seminars, participants come away with impressive ability to localize even the most specific anatomical structures. Further to that, the seminar teaches a method of assessment that provides the participant with an unprecedented ability to not only localize, but also diagnose, analyze, and define soft tissue lesions such that their treatment specificity, and efficiency is then greatly improved. While most systems only loosely define their targets giving them unscientific names such as ‘adhesions’, and then expect the practitioner to somehow automatically develop the tools and ability to locate their presence, with F.A.P.™ the target tissue/lesions are CLEARLY defined, thus providing them with the ability to locate them, define them, and use their palpatory findings as an outcome measure in order to guide treatment. One of our former students described the F.A.P.™ system as “the ability to see with you hands.”

FUNCTIONAL RANGE RELEASE (F.R.)® technique – an advanced system of soft tissue release and rehabilitation. Following the F.A.P.™ portion of the seminar which enhances palpatory skill and tissue assessment, we will then train participants in the F.R.® system of soft tissue management. The F.R.® system uses an evidence-guide approach to the management of soft tissue injury and functional enhancement. It was derived out of the most current research on soft tissue histology & cellular morphology/biophysics as opposed to many other treatment systems, which only consider gross anatomy in the guidance of their protocols. Following the seminar, certified practitioners will have an in-depth understanding of soft tissue mechanics at a cellular level, and will understand the principals of F.R.® application as they pertain to treatment, and rehabilitation. Also included in F.R.® training is Dr. Spina now infamous PAIL’s & RAIL’s (Progressive & Regressive Angular Isometric Loading) techniques which have been used successfully in the rehabilitation of various physical conditions.

In combination, this 3-day seminar (with its online component) will prepare participants to effectively manage ANY musculoskeletal complaint that enters their office by giving them a sound systematic approach encompassing assessment & palpation, as well as treatment & rehabilitation.

Read what Neil Rampe of the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB medical staff had to say about the FAP/FR® seminars:

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