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Traversing Stairs…..using mobility to explore movement

September 9, 2013

Experimenting with some movements on stairs…..need more practice (of course)

I am often asked if my Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)™ certification seminars ‘teach movement’…the answer is no…nor does this video demonstrate the system in action…this is just my personal training and experimenting with mobility. There are far better movers that one can learn from (see Dewey Nielsen or Ido Portal). The FRC™ system focus’ on PREPARING a person FOR moving by way of improving mobility, joint strength, and neurological control using SCIENTIFIC methods. Thus it prepares your tissues, articulations, and nervous system to SAFELY explore movements of ever increasing complexity.

Why is this needed? As a manual therapist I have worked with athletes of various disciplines and levels. By far, the most common factor leading to training injuries is not the exercises or movements themselves…rather it is the LACK OF PREPARATION. There is no such thing as a bad exercises or movements, there is only those who are ill prepared to do them. “Progressions” are not enough.

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