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The “Guillotine” mobilization for the antero-medial hip capsule

September 26, 2013

Adding to the list of our Jiu Jitsu mobs, this technique is excellent for opening up the anterior and medial hip capsule.

For FR® and FRC™ practitioners, we can utilize PAILs work with this manoeuvre if we need to overcome neurological tightness. For indications, assess for closing angle pain.

Footage was taken at this past weekends Functional Range Release (FR)® Lower Limb certification in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Some the other Jiu Jitsu mobs search:

Kimura mobilization for the GH capsule (internal rotation)
Americana mobilization for the GH capsule (external rotation)
Kimura mobilization for the hip capsule (internal rotation/external rotation)
Heel Hook mobilization for tibio-femoral rotation




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  1. Claire Wyness permalink
    September 27, 2013 5:10 am

    Hi, would this work in reverse for the posterior lateral hip capsule, ie lieing prone, hip laterally rotated, push down with chest on knee and scoop up under the groin?

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