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Interview by with Dr. Andreo Spina

November 11, 2013

In this interview we cover many, many topics regarding the FR Release system and my views on soft tissue release/rehabilitation ….which are one in the same truthfully.  The answers are ‘long-winded’ but in my defence the questions that were asked of me required them.  Please enjoy…

“If I were to show you a magnified tissue slide of a tendon ‘inserting’ into a bone and asked you to draw a line distinguishing where the change occurs you would not be able to do so. You would simply be able to say that on one side of the slide the composition of cells, fibers, and ground substance looks more “tendon-like,” while on the other side it looks more “bone-like.” Thus the distinction between the two exists as a gradual progression/change in composition. In this light, ALL body tissues are not only connected…they are actually all different expressions of the same substances.”








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