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Top 5 posts of 2013 as determined by you…

December 23, 2013

Hello everybody

Its been a busy and fruitful year at …and there have been many posts that seem to have resonated with those who follow

I would like to take the time to thank everyone for being interested in my work.  I very much enjoy sharing information, and my view points on this and other forums, and I am humbled by all of the support that I receive on a daily basis for doing so.

Here are the top 5 rated posts of 2013 as determined by you….enjoy, and happy holidays to all:

#1 – Do you WANT to be healthy?  —  People love controversy!! Funny enough, when I wrote this post, that was not the intention.  I simply viewed this as a promotion of healthy lifestyle…you be the judge.  This was by far the most viewed post which garnered over 150 shares on Facebook!

#2 – WHO AMONG US UNDERSTANDS MOVEMENT ??? — did I mention that people love controversy?  On this ‘rant/flow of thought’…I comment on some of the assumptions made regarding movement assessment, and question if it is really possible to begin with

#3 – Movement perfection vs. Load preparation….what happens when the sh?# hits the fan? — the title says it all for this video post.  Discussed is the concept of injury ‘prevention,’ and why many methodologies fall short

#4 – Discussing the role of lumbosacral control on scapular mechanics — This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to give an FR certification seminar for the medical staff of the Arizona DiamondBacks MLB club.  In this video post, I discuss how the lumbar spine can contribute to shoulder/scapular mechanics

#5 – A quick case for you…with the accompanying train of thought —  What did I learn from this post?  That more than success stories, people like to hear the though process behind clinical decision making…

Honorable mentions:

– Contemplating the use of direct vs. indirect research in manual medical practise.  Is your ‘science’ strong enough?

Discussing the benefits of NON-‘functional’ training




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