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Training Human Movement

March 1, 2014

Movements are solutions made by the nervous system on a moment by moment basis.

Every movement has a large number of solutions…and several different solutions can be utilized to accomplish a particular movement path with each attempt within the same individual. The neural complexity is immense and largely beyond our understanding.

What then is movement training?

We develop the articular resilience, mobility, and control to cope with as many directional variables as possible – we use #FRC for this purpose – then practice moving progressively increasing neurological complexity.

The goal for improving #athleticmovement for sport, rehab, ADLs, or movement in general is the same.

Movement training trains movement. Its isn’t simply displays of bodyweight strength and complex tricks

#ExpandControlCreate #FRCms #functionalrangeconditioning #humanmovement #agility #jointhealth #injuryprevention #basichumanskills #BuildingBetterHomosapiens 

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