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Interview with Dr. Andreo Spina on….

September 23, 2014



Conversation Highlights

  • What FRC, FAP and FR (his seminars) are and how they work together
  • How scientific research and literature is at the forefront of his methods
  • What Stretching is – how it’s more about the Central Nervous System
  • Stretching before an athletic activity may be a bad idea but it doesn’t mean we should stop stretching!
  • The research is out on foam rolling – why it isn’t MRT, but has other benefits
  • Why you shouldn’t foam roll something when it hurts
  • How he defines mobility and flexibility – hint one is passive the other is active
  • When mobility becomes a problem – when you don’t have control of the movement
  • Why he takes issue with the yoga pose-based model
  • When more stretching can make things worse (when “tight” hamstrings can be a sign of neurological injury)
  • His experience with yoga-related injuries, why yoga isn’t an anti injury practice



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