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Functional Anatomic Palpations Systems™ Seminars

Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems (F.A.P.)™ is a guided systematic approach to soft tissue palpation in which the practitioner delineates, feels, and then assesses specific anatomic structures. The approach is summarized by the following: “Specificity of Diagnosis = Specificity of Treatment = Specificity of Results™”.

A diagnosis of ‘groin sprain’, for example, is subjected to further examination in order to determine the location of the lesion, be it in the adductor longus, brevis, or magnus, the pectineus, or obturator externus, each of which is accessible and distinguishable via palpation.

F.A.P.™ offers advanced instruction in soft tissue palpation to chiropractors, physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, and athletic therapists. In addition to hands-on palpation and discussion of treatment alternatives and current research, the training also provides a review of clinical and functional anatomy.

This comprehensive anatomy palpation system is divided into three seminars based on anatomic region (upper limb, lower limb, and spine). Anatomical structures are reviewed onscreen with visuals courtesy of the Primal 3D anatomy series by Primal Pictures in which overlying structures are peeled off to uncover the target muscle, ligament, or tendon. Time is allocated for participants to practice their palpatory skills. Even the best management techniques will fall short if the evaluation is not thorough enough to exactly delineate a patient’deficits. The F.A.P.™ system gives practitioners the opportunity to hone their palpatory and diagnostic skills, and this will translate into a more specific application of treatment modalities.

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