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Why was Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems developed?

The world of manual therapies continues to grow and progress.Continuing education seminars for manual practitioners In accordance, a strong knowledge in functional and applied anatomy is in many ways the cornerstone of a practitioner’s ability to both diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal conditions effectively. Although there have been developments in improving imaging methods, their high costs and limited access have proved problematic in determining a quick and timely diagnosis.

As well, many musculoskeletal conditions ‘fly under their radar’ so to speak as many microtissue injuries (sprains, strains, fascial adhesions, fibrosis and scar tissue, etc.) are not perceivable by imaging methods. Therefore the manual practitioner is often left with their hands, and knowledge of anatomical structure, to determine the cause of patient’s symptoms.

While many educational institutions offer training in human anatomy, training is limited to textbook memorization and on occasion, cadaver dissection. Further, although many ‘technique’ seminars claim to be specific with their treatment and assessment procedures, few if any offer instruction to back these claims.

F.A.P.© seminars were created to offer advanced instruction in palpation and assessment of actual soft tissue structure. Participants learn to efficiently, and specifically locate soft tissue structures which immediately enhances their diagnostic and treatment abilities.

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